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At the very heart of Leukerbad, at the main pedestrian street, right next to the village church, stands a small family heirloom whose history begins in 1767., a house transformed into a restaurant famous for its tradition and hospitality WALLISERKANNE. The house consists of three tiers. Each of those tiers...


As technology is going further and further so are we trying to keep up the pace. We managed to create a virtual reality tour of our property. Now you can click through or rather, go through, our property and get to know it better. You can get acquainted with it before you arrive and start soaking in the atmosphere of traditional Swiss hospitality. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it!
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Leukerbad is the biggest thermal spa in the Swiss Alps. Whether you are coming from Z├╝rich (200-300 km) or from Geneva (150 km) you shouldn't miss out on this exquisite place. This natural spa complex is situated in the very center of the homonymous historic village, in the very heart of Swiss Alps, at glorious altitude of 1.500 meters. With various saunas, hot springs and pools with thermal waters, make this place completely unique and otherworldly. The usage of its thermal springs dates back to the Ancient Romans having a first written document in 1315. which documents village of Leukerbad as an independent municipality who is in a possession of public baths with its marvelous healing thermal waters.

Every day, approximately 4 million liters of mineral water, with a temperature of 51C, fills 22 private and/or hotel owned swimming pools. One of the best and most renowned swimming pools is Burgerbad and Linder Alpentherme. There are various wellness treatments in Leukerbad at your disposal, some of them are: Aromatized plants, Ayurveda, Hot stones therapy, Healing mud (Peloid), Saunas, Massages and many other wellness treatments. Given all, Leukerbad is an ideal place for those who seek refuge from everyday turmoil and stress. At the same time this small village offers you an ideal opportunity to rejuvenate your body and mind.
At the same time, powerful Alps are a formidable opponent for those who have a passion towards skiing. However, people can also enjoy miscellaneous benefits of thermal springs. Leukerbad is an ideal place for a winter vacation where you can enjoy in real winter wonders.

Important people of Leukerbad

In 1779. Johan Wolfgang Goethe lived in Leukerbad. A famous German writer, politician, poet, scientist and philosopher. Goethe was one of the most prominent persons in German literature and European neoclassicism and romanticism during the end of 18th - beginning of 19th centaury. He is best known for his works: Faust and Theory of Colors which had a major impact on whole of Europe. His work inspired many musical and drama plays.

In year 1877. Leukerbad was a host to a great French writer Gi de Mopasan. Anri Rene Alber Gi de Mopasan, was French realistic writer. He wrote short stories and novels. Even though his "Verses" were beginner's failure, Mopsan became "The biggest poet of cold and foggy Normandy plains and everlasting beauty of its gentle and passionate scenery". When he wrote, he composed characters "which lost the will to live". Even when they cherish and love life, the main characters do not know how to "live". They are the victims of passion and tragic misunderstandings.
In 1878. guest to this small Alpine Swiss village was the famous Mark Twain. His real name was Samuel Langhorn Clemens. He was an American writer. In his vast life's work he accomplished a wide pallet of thoughts and feelings; from life's greatest happiness to utter hopelessness. Some of his best works are: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Twain's work was inspired by the unconventional West and the popularity of his novels marked the end of New England's writers dominance on American soil. Later the prominent American writers Ernest Hemingway and William Fokner drew their inspiration from Twain's work. In later years of his life, Twain wrote less, but he often spoke publicly of many different topics. He is remembered by his clothing with strange white stripes which he often wore in public. He received an honorary doctorate degree from Oxford University in 1907.

From 1951. until 1953. Leukerbad was the home of an American writer and social activist James Baldwin. He is best known by his collection of essays Notes of a Native Son (1955), Nobody Knows My Name: More Notes of a Native Son (1961), The Fire Next Time (1963), Go Tell It on the Mountain (1953), Giovanni's Room (1956), Another Country (1962). He is considered a great icon of Afro-American Social Rights Movement and American LGBT movement.